Čo nám dal projekt Taking Action Against Sexist Hate Speech

Odkazy a správy od účastníkov a účastníčok školenia

Medzinárodné školenie, ktoré sme realizovali v rámci projektu Taking Action Against Sexist Hate Speech bolo pre nás všetkých intenzívnou a inšpiratívnou skúsenosťou. Účastníci a účastníčky odchádzali s úžasnou motiváciou sprostredkovať rodovú perspektívu na naše každodenné interakcie vo svojich súkromných či pracovných prostrediach. Často sa však stáva, že po návrate do bežných povinností a kolektívov v práci, sa cítime opustene a pôvodné plány sa zdajú byť nereálne.

Zaujímalo nás, ako sa na prínos projektu pozerajú účastníci a účastníčky po návrate domov, v čom ich projekt zmenil a či ovplyvnil aj ich pracovné aktivity.

I would never have thought of participating in Taking Action Against Sexist Hate Speech, training course held in Slovakia in mid-August 2022. In fact, partly for personal health reasons and partly for study reasons, I am writing my master’s thesis; I had decided to not do anything, no holidays, much less take part in a youth exchange or a training course. So how did I get in touch with Michaela and the association? 

For some years now I have been dealing with the sending coordination with an Italian association called YOUth Connect and therefore Michaela and I first started to hear each other via email to create what later became the Italian team. One day, however, some participants, before actually departing, gave up on leaving and so here is the fact that I came up with this idea of taking their place and so it was. One thing I must admit, although I have taken part in this world since 2019, it was the first training course I attended and also the first time I had taken an active part in the project both before, during and after. The Training, for the issues it talked about, therefore how to recognize and avoid hate speech towards minorities, with a focus on issues of gender, sexual orientation, feminism, etc., was very intense on an energetic and emotional level, however, the organizers were very clever to include in the program two free afternoons to relax and go to visit the city of Bonjce and its tourist attractions. A small town surrounded by dense and luxuriant vegetation, with a romantic castle. I have certainly met many people with many different stories that have enriched and inspired me. So the experience was very positive and I hope to continue collaborating with the association and the members.

Joelle, participant 
Plagát vytvorený účastníčkou, ktorým podporila zdieľanie informácií a výstupov projektu

Our course helped me quite a lot in teaching about sexual education to 12 year old students. Getting to know the EU resources on the subject helped me to understand up to which point I should elaborate with my students. I could also find „ready to use“ materials like videos and worksheets. Thank you all!

Dimitris, participant

Sadly, my idea of Varna pride didn’t succeed because of how busy I got but I used the resources I gained during the training towards my own wellbeing and personal growth. I am now volunteering through ESC at ‚Alternative Space Hale 3‘ – it’s an Event Venue with a Concert hall, Skate park, Outdoor space and a Resting area. I have found myself dealing with all kinds of people because of that and naturally, not all are positive experiences. 
I have found out, though, that thanks to this project I have been more mindful and truly feel responsible and think about how my actions affect me as I used to struggle with impulsive behaviour a lot.
I regret not being able to fulfill my ambition but I am currently providing a safe space to youth in my place of work so I still think it’s a win : ). Thank you for everything, really.

Selin, participant

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